Qualified advanced education creates the foundation for the employees' professional development; thus it is the key to efficient project execution.

Advanced education of employees boosts your success! 


A company that wants to remain competitive in the future does not only invest in new technologies and material resources but especially in its employees' skills and expertise. Owing to the demographic development and the associated increasing skills shortage the advanced education of your employees improves the prospects of your company and your products to survive at the market in the future.

HSQ provides you with trainings tailored to suit your needs for the advanced education of your employees regarding functional safety and quality management.


Our offer


We either train individual employees who want to assume a new role within your company or who want to extend existing methodology knowledge, or we coach one of your project teams in a way that it will efficiently and process-orientedly reach the defined project goal.


All our trainers have extensive practical experience and are glad to also answer individual questions by the participants of a training course.


The HSQ training program is organized as open trainings or in-house trainings.


In-house training


In-house trainings are timesaving and cost-effective for you, and they have the advantage that we can adapt our training materials to the needs of your company in close consultation with you (e. g. examples, definition of procedures).

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